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Banca d’Italia

"L'Avventura della Moneta"

Banca d’Italia

Banca d’Italia


Banca d’Italia – Eurosistema wants to communicate the complex world of money and finance in an accessible and engaging way to a wide and varied audience. The need to disseminate non-simple concepts in a comprehensible way, emphasizing the importance of economic events in the national context, requires an innovative and effective approach. The choice to create a technologically advanced exhibition, which anticipates the permanent museum exhibition, requires the involvement of a multidisciplinary and, at the same time, highly specialized team.


The immersive exhibition “L’Avventura della Moneta”, hosted at the Palazzo Esposizioni in Rome from October 31, 2023 to April 28, 2024, was created with the installation and set up of the technological installations by OSC Innovation, which managed the IT design and development of:

  • Interactive systems for visitors.
  • Installation and configuration of immersive projections.
  • Applications used by the staff in the room.
  • Technological systems for inclusivity through the use of wearables.

This ambitious project is a preview of the future Museo della Moneta (MUDEM) Banca d’Italia, which will open in 2025 at Villa Hüffer. Thanks to the advanced technological solutions proposed by OSC Innovation, the Exhibition offers an extraordinary journey of discovery of money, starting from Sumerian tablets and arriving at modern banknotes. The spectacular interactions between video and automation make the Exhibition an innovative tool for edutainment to facilitate a better understanding of finance and markets.


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